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Dr. Shannon Humphrey

Complexion guru, researcher, self esteem advocate, facial shaping artist, teacher, ambassador of elegance, mother of four and global dermatological expert.

What Can I Achieve with Conservative Treatments?

One of the most common concerns I hear from first-time patients is that results will seem unnatural. The worry doesn’t…

The Age of Positive Aging

Somewhere in the pursuit of beauty, aging became a bad five letter word. The term “anti-aging” inherently positions aging as…

How Your Lifestyle Can Contribute to a Holistic Anti-Aging Strategy

Dr. Shannon Humphrey describes how living on the West Coast has benefitted her inner and outer well-being. Here at Carruthers…

Dr. Shannon Humphrey: Revolumization in the cheeks can be both beautiful and natural looking

While in Orlando at the American Academy of Dermatology Conference this past weekend Dr. Shannon Humphrey presented on a number…

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