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Blackheads: Causes, treatments, prevention

Achieving clear, healthy skin seems like an impossible feat if you have ever experienced blackheads, but it is possible. Dr….

Nurse Cat Ferguson Recognized As Canadian Colorescience Ambassador

This past weekend, our very own Nurse Cat Ferguson was recognized as a Colorscience Ambassador representing Canada at the International…

Fitness Skincare Tips from Dr. Katie Beleznay

Dr. Beleznay provides 5 tips to keep your skin looking radiant inside and outside of the gym. There are a…

Youthful, Natural-looking Lips Through The Ages

Dr. Shannon Humphrey weighs in on how to achieve beautiful, natural-looking lips.  Beautiful lips have long since been a defining…

How to Camouflage Rosacea

At Carruthers & Humphrey, our approach to skin care is two-fold: we aim to prevent potential problems from arising, and…

Can You Actually Reduce Wrinkles using a Skin Care Product?

These days every over-the-counter product seems to make anti-aging promises — learn why incorporating HA into your anti-aging strategy can…

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