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CBC News – Millennials + Botox

Last week Dr Shannon Humphrey provided her perspective to CBC News on a trending topic – Millennials and Botox. If you missed the stories you can find them here: Selfie craze triggers surge in cosmetic procedures , Why more 20-somethings are getting Botox and CBC News The National.

To provide further perspective on the topic, we wanted to share some additional thoughts. Over the last few years Carruthers & Humphrey has seen an increasing number of millennials (young patients) coming into the office. Typically in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s, with a primary presenting complaint being “I’m looking to start a long term regiment for maintenance and prevention.”

Most of these patients are interested in prevention and long term planning to maintain their appearance. We focus on overall skin health and small preventative interventions (early) to make an incremental change over time – most are not looking for dramatic changes.

Dr Shannon Humphrey adds, “I do think awareness of appearance and facial appearance is increased with the prevalence of social media, and the impact that a selfie has for communication particularly communicating with your peer group through social media. What I haven’t seen in our practice is young patents striving for a particular ideal, perfection ideal or asking me to do something that I feel is outside the realm of natural looking, or reasonable.”

The Carruthers & Humphrey philosophy on beauty is built on the belief that, the truest beauty comes from within. We believe overall skin health, physical, mental, and emotional wellness is the corner stone of looking and feeling your best. Ultimately, our goal is to support and enhance the overall wellness of our patients. With a focus on individualized care, prevention and 360 planning; we help our patients look refreshed and renewed, but still like themselves.

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