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Mennaisance, Microneedling and More…takeaways post ASDS

Mennaisance, Microneedling and More…takeaways post ASDS

Recently Doctors Shannon Humphrey, Jean Carruthers and Katie Beleznay presented at and attended the 2016 American Society of Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting in New Orleans. This meeting provides the opportunity for the world’s foremost authorities on cosmetic and medical dermatology to come together and collaborate on the latest techniques and most significant research the industry has to share.
Here are four take-aways we thought you would be interested in:


The latest in skin therapy? Microneedling (aka collagen induction therapy) has gone through a make-over of its own, and while it is still not available in Canada – this is one to watch. An alternative for some conditions to laser treatment. “Microneedling techniques are mimicking results often associated with laser treatment,” according to Tina S. Alster, M.D., director of Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, Washington, DC.
The new ‘micropen’ Microneedling devices allow for shallow needles to poke through the surface of the skin. The ‘injury’ caused by the treatment stimulates collagen production – potentially helping to heal scars and smooth fine lines.
At Carruthers & Humphrey we are eagerly awaiting some scientific evidence to support the effectiveness and safety of this treatment for our patients.

Optimizing Cosmeceuticals:

Two words – Sun Protection.
Sunscreen is the foundation of any evidence based cosmeceutical regime. It is the one topical cosmeceutical that all dermatologists can agree on.
Dr Shannon Humphrey adds “The best sunscreen is the one that my patient likes. With so many formulations on the market, this is where your cosmetic dermatologist can help. We take into consideration skin type, history, and preferences and once you find a sunscreen formulation that works best for you, you’ll actually look forward to using it on a daily basis.”
Daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen is recommended to all of our patients. If you are undergoing a series of laser treatments or use a C&H kit regime this is especially important. We want you to protect your investment. “Sunscreen use improves cosmetic procedure results, ensure results last longer and prevents unwanted post-procedure pigmentation.” says Dermatologist Mary P. Lupo.


Male beauty and masculinity – a topic which is generating a lot of buzz. Cosmetic injectables are no longer women’s beauty trade secret. While male patients have historically been a very small percentage of most cosmetic dermatology practices, times are changing, and a more image conscious generation is aging.
We understand the unique facial contours and requirements of male patients, and as a result, have developed a distinctly masculine approach. Our practice in particular sees more than double the national average of male practice patients. It’s no surprise treatments like Belkyra, which help to eliminate submental fat (aka double-chin) have been extremely well received with this group.
Dr Katie Beleznay adds “My male patients are extremely gratifying to treat and are often surprised by the results of what one or two simple interventions can offer. Treatments can range from reducing frown lines and sagging skin to minimizing redness and sun spots that accumulate with age and sun exposure.”

Non-invasive Body Contouring

Time is the most valuable currency. We now have the ability to offer a range of body contouring solutions between sodium deoxycholate and cryolipolysis with it’s variety of applicators. For patients looking to contour stubborn unwanted bulges, there are more options than ever for those not willing to consider liposuction or surgery.
Where is body contouring heading?
This year we saw the introduction of CoolMini and Belkyra, both non-invasive treatments to help rid you of those small pesky areas of fat when diet and exercise aren’t enough. In our practice we have seen these treatments, not compete, but compliment each other well. CoolMini may help with debulking, while Belkyra enables us to customize a patient’s injection pattern and dose – uniquely targeting and contouring each individual patient’s problem areas. And we are no longer referring solely referring to the double-chin. Both have been used to effectively target; the bra bulge, under arm, knee fat, and abdomen area.
What are your thoughts on this year’s takeaways? Let us know by commenting below. Interested in learning more about the topics discussed – feel free to get in touch with us at: reception@carruther-humphrey.com.

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