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Sun Protection – It’s never too late

It’s actually never too late to start with sun protection. Scientific studies have shown that regardless of age, there is an immediate and dramatic reduction in the development of pre-cancer and skin cancer as soon as you initiate effective sun protection. There are also other immediate benefits related to photoaging, such as preventing sunspots and wrinkles.

What constitutes effective photoprotection?

Sunscreen alone is not enough, consider your daily habits too: choose your time outside carefully and seek out shade, avoid the sun between 10:00am and 2:00pm, and wear sun-protective gear, like a wide brimmed hat and long sleeves. Sunscreen is a good insurance policy when you are spending time outside—choose a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 for daily use and SPF 50 if you’ll be in direct sun for a long period of time.

There are now sunscreen formulations to match every skin type and preference, including foams, creams, lotions, oil-free emulsions, powders, and sprays. One of our personal favourites is Colorescience Sunforgettables SPF 50. This convenient powder formulation fits nicely in a handbag and can be applied over makeup while on the go, allowing for easy reapplication and touch-ups throughout the day.

It’s important to practice sun safety year round. While it’s particularly critical in the spring and summer, UVA rays are consistent year-round, and when skin is unprotected, these rays penetrate the dermis and cause sun-related premature aging. By starting proper photoprotection—at any age—you’ll cut the risks of skin cancer and photoaging immediately.

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