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2017 ASDS Consumer Survey Results: You Are Not Alone

ASDS Survey Results

We’ve talked about our physicians’ busy conference schedules before. Doctors Humphrey, Carruthers and Beleznay attend numerous industry events to speak on panels, lead keynotes and learn from their peers. Most recently, our team attended the American Society for Dermatological Surgery (ASDS) annual conference, where some of the focus was on latest findings from the 2017 ASDS Consumer Survey.

One of the biggest sources of concern for new patients is fear of the unknown. Until you’ve been treated by our team, or another certified dermatologist, the process is foreign — and can be daunting as a result. But if there’s one thing the ASDS survey results prove, it’s that you are not alone. Here are a few of the results that we found most interesting:


Of the 7,322 people surveyed, nearly seven in 10 said they were currently considering a cosmetic procedure. The four procedures most commonly considered were body sculpting, skin tightening, microdermabrasion and laser hair removal.


The primary goals consumers are turning to cosmetic procedures come as no great surprise:

  • to feel more confident
  • to appear more attractive
  • to look as young as they feel (or even better)

The specific concerns respondents had about their appearance ranged from excess fat (85%) and sagging facial skin (63%) to hair loss (48%) and acne scars (41%).


Our team was proud to learn that one thing all survey respondents had in common was their physician preference for cosmetic medical procedures. Nearly everyone listed a dermatologist as their first choice, and of those 100% said they would choose an ASDS member. In fact, specialty and licensure were among the top four factors that influenced respondents when choosing a practitioner.

Click here read more of the ASDS survey result. To learn how an ASDS-certified dermatologist can design a customized treatment program for your cosmetic goals, book a consultation at our West Broadway office.

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