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4 Important Things We’ve Learned From Our Patients This Year

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This time of year inspires goal setting and reflection. We love working with our patients to develop customized strategies that can help them meet their skin care goals in the year ahead. But we also appreciate the opportunity to slow down, take a step back and soak in everything we learned in the previous twelve months.

The team of physicians at Carruthers & Humphrey sit on conference panels, educate the world’s best physicians on leading-edge treatments and perform research among industry leaders year round — and yet year after year some of the most valuable things we learn come from our patients. Here is a sampling of the things our patients taught us in 2017:

Focus on lower face

The lower face is an area that had been less emphasized in cosmetic dermatology but always a concern for patients. We’ve really hit our stride with new and advanced combinations, helping our patients achieve results never before possible without surgery. Some of our favourite treatment combinations include: Belkyra to the jowls, filler for the jawline and to recontour, combined with skin tightening, and finally the use of a neuromodulator for contouring the jawline and to lift. One of our favourites; the Nefertiti lift for tightening of the lower face, it’s so surprise the translation of Nefertiti means ‘a beautiful woman has come’.

 “Aging” isn’t a dirty word

For many years the beauty industry has focused on unnatural, unattainable goals and as a result aging has taken on a stigma. “Signs of aging” referred to wrinkles, loss in volume and tired looking expressions. Similarly, we use “anti-aging” to describe the battle against these signs that we set out to win every day.

But aging itself isn’t a bad thing, nor should we position it that way. Our philosophy has always been to help our patients look and feel their best through the years. It’s not about looking younger, it’s about looking revitalized, rejuvenated and healthy. Some of our patients and industry role models have started to speak out about the positives of aging, and it’s inspired us to do the same. In fact, we’ve begun changing how we refer to our treatment strategies, and we’ve even revised some of our website to better explain exactly what our procedures can accomplish. Stay tuned in 2018, for more on this important topic and our commitment to our positive aging.

Cosmetic dermatology still makes people nervous

Our industry has come a long way in the last twenty years, but many people still associate harsh, unnatural results of decades past with today’s cosmetic dermatology. There’s a lack of education around the true outcomes we can attain, and how conservative the treatments can be to help you get there. Our philosophy has always been help patient look refreshed and renewed, but still like themselves. We focus on more of a global approach, with a combination of treatments to ensure we achieve the most natural-looking outcomes.

We feel fortunate to have the chance to talk our patients through these concerns when they book a preliminary consultation with us, but it’s made us realize that we need to do even more to elevate the conversation around cosmetic dermatology and help more people understand what our outlook is on the topic — helping people look and feel like their best self.

Patient interest in minimally invasive treatments

On a similar topic, this year has proven just how much more comfortable our patients tend to be when they’re offered a combination of minimally invasive treatments.

That’s why we’ve added even more non-invasive options to our growing list of services. This fall we started offering Skinboosters and Microneedling at our clinic. Designed to increase elasticity and collagen production, these new treatments can be a great addition to a combination treatment program, depending on your individual goals.

We’ve learned our happiest patients are those who are committed to a plan, with a focus on immediate, short- and long-term goals, ensuring the most natural-looking outcomes. Our goal for all of our patients is always for them to look and feel their best throughout the years.

We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved, the relationships we’ve grown and the things we’ve learned this year. To find out how our 2017 lessons can impact your 2018 goals, book a consultation with one of our physicians.

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