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4 Steps to Restoring Mouth Corners with Dr. Carruthers

There’s a reason that our appearance can change significantly as we get older. Over time, our facial bones start to remodel, impacting the underlying shape around our eyes, nose, mouth and chin. While these sorts of changes typically begin around age 45 for men, they can start as early as age 25 among women.

Around our mouths and chins, bone loss will often combine with a natural downward displacement of our mouth corners and dropping facial fat pads, resulting in a more square, masculinized face shape. Meanwhile, natural skin loosening caused by sunlight exposure (UVA and IR) and the activities of everyday life — natural movements like speaking, kissing, smiling and eating — can result in a natural frown and excess skin.

Depressed mouth corners give us a bitter, disappointed and unhappy look — not exactly how we want to portray ourselves socially, professionally, or even at home with our families. You’ve likely noticed how in fashion magazines, more mature models are always smiling, while younger models can get away with a more serious expression. This is because even a neutral expression can appear harsh or sad with age.

In order to avoid these outcomes we need to consider a combination treatments that can address of all affected areas. Here is a multifaceted program designed to target sunken mouth corners — and one of my favourite things to work on at the moment.

Step 1: Neuromodulators. We use neuromodulators to weaken the action of the muscles that pull the mouth corners down. Weakening these muscles can give a refined and elegant lift to the neck, resulting in a cleaner jawline and more positive and relaxes facial expression at rest.

Step 2: Belkyra. Drooping jowls make our faces square and masculine instead of oval and feminine. Where before a surgical facelift was the only way to address this problem, Belkyra now offers a non-invasive injection therapy that reduces fat content in this region and tightens the overlying skin. Once the fat cells are gone, they can never come back to haunt us!

Step 3: Fillers. If there is substantial loss of tissue along the jawline and at the corners, fillers are also helpful. They can be used to support the mouth corners and the lips, in order to reduce deep vertical lip lines and other wrinkles.

Step 4: Energy-based treatments and skincare. When loose skin around the mouth is also a concern, skin tightening devices such as Ultherapy (ultrasound), or Thermage (radio frequency), are a great solution. These non-invasive treatments can be used without fear of damaging any filler, neuromodulator or Belkyra that’s previously been injected. Retinol, Vitamin C, antioxidants (Skinceuticals CE Ferulic) and growth factors (TNS Essential Serum) can help to increase the production of collagen and elastin. These skincare products can be applied every day, while the energy-based inoffice treatments may be done a few times each year.

One condition that can occur over time in this region is irregular pigmentation. When this appears around the mouth it can be mistaken as facial hair — which is obviously not optimal. We will use Vivier for hyperpigmentation and IPL or Clear + Brilliant laser treatments to improve the tone and texture of the skin.

Only with dedicated combination treatments over a moderate amount of time (typically several months) can we see a real change in the appearance of the mouth corners, giving our patients a more empowered and youthful look and restoring their natural beauty.

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