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Our Doctors

Dr. Shannon Humphrey

Complexion guru, researcher, self esteem advocate, facial shaping artist, teacher, ambassador of elegance, mother of four and global dermatological expert.

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Dr. Jean Carruthers

Trailblazer, TED talker, cosmetic surgeon extraordinaire, media maven, world-renowned scientific investigator, mother of three, grandmother of four, confidence advocate, inspirer of teams and Botox pioneer.

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Dr. Katie Beleznay

Injectable and laser specialist, trained by world’s top cosmetic dermatologists, natural results advocate, recognized leader in her field, sought-after speaker and mother to Jacob and Henry.

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Our Nurses

Anita Dehlic

Licensed Practical Nurse

My patient superpower: Truly understanding our patients goals.

Arya Baile

Registered Nurse

Beauty Philosophy: My beauty philosophy is borrowed from Dr. Humphrey ~ Look good feel good. Feel good look good.

Cat Ferguson

Registered Nurse

Favourite part of my job: The people. I enjoy working in a team environment and I love the people I work with – staff and patients!

Catherine Mazur

Registered Nurse

Patient care “super power”: I learn something new every day and I love continuing education in this ever-evolving field of cosmetic dermatology.

Janet Teodosio

Registered Nurse

Patient care “super power”: Making sure a patient feels comfortable and confident in the treatment plan that we’ve developed together.

Marianna Delecki

Registered Nurse

Beauty philosophy: When the skin is glowing, all your other treatments will shine through that much more brightly.

Our Office Support

Ameei Tang

Administrative Clinic Coordinator

Favourite part of my job: Seeing our patients walk away with renewed confidence.

Jessica Hollander

Director, Marketing & Communication

Best part of my job: To see our patients leave the clinic transformed – not necessarily physically, but in terms of their happiness and self confidence.

Jessica Miskiewicz

Clinic Flow Coordinator

Beauty philosophy: Beauty is not only about how you look on the outside but also what lies within – the energy and kindness that you give to those around you.

Monika Romanowski

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Favourite part of my job: Working for world-leading physicians who are at the forefront of their field.

Sherry Plante

Administrative Clinic Coordinator

Beauty Philosophy: True beauty comes with feeling comfortable in your own skin. I love that we help people look and feel the best version of themselves.

Trish Jamieson

Executive Personal Assistant

Beauty philosophy: Beauty that radiates from within – healthy, happy, confident people are the most radiant.

Clinical Research Team

Natalie Croll

Clinical Research Coordinator, LPN

Beauty Philosophy: Beauty is the glow we give off when we find that place of self-love.

Katie Russell

Clinical Research Coordinator, LPN

Favourite part of my job: Working alongside an incredible and inspiring team of women

Emma Jennings

Clinical Research Coordinator, BSc

Beauty is what we exude when we feel confident in ourselves.

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