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Adult Acne and Your Cycle

Oh, the joys of a menstrual cycle! As if cramps, headaches, bloating, irritability and mood swings weren’t enough, PMS can also trigger acne breakouts — taking many women straight back to their clumsy pre-teen days.

Given post-adolescent acne is most commonly triggered by fluctuating hormones, it makes sense that the menstrual cycle is a common cause. These breakouts usually take place one week before and during menses, although some women experience them right around ovulation too. If you’re among the 63% of acne-prone women who deal with menstrual cycle breakouts, don’t panic and definitely don’t give up.

The first thing you will want to do is discuss options with your Dermatologist

  • For those struggling with severe cases, an oral medication can help combat breakouts. Whether that means taking an oral contraceptive or anti-estrogens, a dermatologist can determine the solution that’s best for your skin and your lifestyle.

To get your skin looking its best, after the acne has resolved itself, restorative treatments and evidence-based skincare comes in. Your Dermatologist may recommend these options to help refine, brighten and enhance your complexion:

  • Energy-based, complexion-enhancing treatments, like Clear + Brilliantor Excel V, leave skin smoother, brighter and more evenly toned.
  • A restorative treatment like IPL can go a long way in reducing redness.
  • Implementing a customized, evidence-based skincare routine is also critical, whose correcting a unique combination of: dryness, irritation and early signs of aging.

Instead of feeling defeated by this PMS symptom, learn more about how a customized treatment plan can help you can manage and mitigate hormonal acne.

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