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The Age of Positive Aging

Somewhere in the pursuit of beauty, aging became a bad five letter word.

The term “anti-aging” inherently positions aging as a negative; something we need to mitigate, fight or undo. In turn, youth has become a glorified measure of beauty, rather than a point in time. The beauty industry has recently adopted a body positive attitude, embracing overall fitness and a healthy lifestyle over one particular body type. A big part of this is the “positive aging” movement — and we couldn’t be more onboard.

Our philosophy at Carruthers & Humphrey has always been to help our patients look and feel their best at any age. Our 360-degree approach to care focuses on the inner and outer beauty connection to help our patients look refreshed and renewed, and still feel like themselves. We recognize that language is powerful — that’s why we don’t focus on “anti-aging” with a goal of looking ‘young’, but rather on identifying specific, personal goals to look more rested, vibrant, happy and healthy. In our experience, looking that way is often the first step towards feeling that way.

A beautiful aesthetic is marked by smooth, luminous skin. As a result, the best beginnings for positive aging are often rooted in skincare — by implementing a dermatologist-recommended at-home routine, you can create strong habits that have an immediate impact on the visible health of your skin. In addition to a daily skincare routine, clinical treatments like Sculptra and Thermage can help to smoothen texture and restore volume, vitality and overall radiance by stimulating collagen production.

At Carruthers & Humphrey, we believe that how we look on the outside has a profound impact on our overall inner wellness. That’s why we love what we do; we get to help our patients be the best versions of themselves, every day, for all their years.

To learn more about how the team at Carruthers & Humphrey can help you age positively, visit us at our West Broadway clinic.

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