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All About the Eyes

We love our laugh lines. They speak to the stories we’ve shared and the jokes we’ve told. But they don’t always reflect the happy memories that first inspired them. Sometimes, they cause us to look tired or sad instead.

Here are a few of the most common eye complaints we hear, and the products and treatments that can help you overcome them to keep your eyes looking bright for many more years of laughter.

Fine lines
Microneedling, TNS Illuminating Eye Cream by SkinMedica, Grenzine Eye by Vivier

Hooded eyelids
Thermage, a heat-based skin tightening treatment

Puffiness around and below the eyes
SkinCeuticals Eye Balm; TNS Eye Repair by SkinMedica

Dark under-eye circles
A.G.E. Eye Complex by Skinceuticals, Platiné Eye Crème by Vivier

Shakespeare once told us that the eyes are a window to the soul — but if you’re dealing with any of these conditions, your eyes may not be reflecting the energy or radiance you feel inside.

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