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5 Simple Beauty Resolutions for a Beautiful 2019

As the calendar turns, it’s only natural, to start thinking about setting New Year’s Resolutions. A new year signifies a fresh start; the perfect opportunity to develop new and improved routines.

At Carruthers & Humphrey we tend to shy away from “New Year’s Resolutions” based on the short-term connotation they carry — but we’re all for goal setting, and January is a perfect time to revisit goals and create a plan that will help us get you to total skin confidence. In fact, we start every consultation by reviewing our patients’ short- and long-term goals to ensure we’re developing a program that will achieve them.

That said, if your beauty regimen needs a kickstart after the holidays, you’re definitely not alone. Here are some simple “resolutions” that our physician team recommends:

  1. Incorporate an SPF. It might seem counterintuitive here in Vancouver as we approach the dreariest time of year, but sun damage is more prevalent throughout the winter than you would think. Those grey skies see a mere 10% reduction in UV rays. Struggling to incorporate sun protection? Talk to us, try a sample or two, we want you to love your SPF. With so many formulations available, there is no reason to go without.
  2. Throw away old products. Why wait until the spring for some serious spring cleaning? As you clean up your holiday decorations, take a moment to revisit your skincare products, too. Check expiry dates and get rid of anything that isn’t going to benefit you (note: sunscreen has a short shelf life). Not sure what should stay and what should go? Book a consultation with our team to review your current regimen and see what products could supercharge your current regimen.
  3. Consider nutrition. Diet is a common consideration as the New Year approaches, but isn’t always correlated to the health of your skin. A balanced diet has noticeable impact on your skin.
  4. Be patient. Introducing a new skincare product can mean waiting up to twelve weeks before you start to see results — and when it comes to stimulating collagen, products and treatments can take over three months. If you’re on a physician directed regimen, trust that it’s the rest one for you, and then stay patient as the results roll in, introducing just one product at a time.
  5. Start with the best skin ever. While you’re setting lofty but attainable goals, consider including a commitment to the healthiest-looking skin possible this year. Invest in conservative, evidence-based treatments, like a combination of IPL and microneedling, to establish a baseline that’s easy to maintain for years to come.

Whether or not you’re big on goal setting in January, the new year is a great time to make some small, simple changes that can have a meaningful impact.

Looking for more significant results in 2019? Book a consultation with one of our physicians to review your 360 plan, let this be the year of total skin confidence.

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