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Body Contouring Options — Without Surgery

No matter how diligent we are with diet and exercise, sometimes our bodies are stubborn. Whether it’s that little extra low belly (thanks, childbirth) that you just can’t flatten, or arm fat that no amount of tricep curls can tone, many patients turn to us for help contouring the bits they aren’t crazy about — and they often start by saying that surgery is off the table.

Plastic surgery can help with a lot, but it’s true that the recovery times are longer, the procedures more uncomfortable, and the results extremely permanent — even as trends change over time. We find that many of our patients’ goals fit better within non-surgical treatments. Non-surgical doesn’t mean we can’t help them tighten and tuck.

Here are just a few of our more popular treatments for a few of the most common problem areas.


We often suggest Belkyra for frustrating submental fat (aka: the double chin) that plagues so many profiles over time. But the injectable treatment can help with a whole lot more, including bra bulge and fat pockets around the knee.


In addition to all of the areas Belkyra can treat, CoolSculpting is also great for larger target regions. This includes inner and outer thighs, stomach, chest and arm wings — those lose upper arm pockets that haunt hand-talkers everyone. This particular treatment uses a freezing technology to melt the fat away.


Not looking to debulk but want to tone and tighten a couple problem areas? Maybe heat is the answer. Thermage’s deep heating technology is great for tightening loose or crepey skin that comes as a result of age or post-weight loss — especially around the abdomen, chest, thighs and arms.


“Cankle” isn’t exactly our favourite word, nor is it a favourite feature for many of our patients. Interestingly enough, Botox has actually been proven to contour and shape calves into a leaner aesthetic. Its applications seem to grow by the minute.

Skinboosters and Volite

Last but not least, this duo is great for treating crepey skin that often arises as we age. They work to smooth creases above the knee, in the upper inner arm, and in higher doses, the thighs, with results lasting up to nine months. Ask us which will work best for you or learn more on our website (SkinBoosters | Volite).

Before you start talking yourself into surgery, consider the non-invasive solutions available. Meet with one of our physicians to learn more about the treatments that can help you achieve the change you desire with minimal or no downtime or discomfort.

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