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“By the 12-week mark my skin was flawless” ~ By Arya Baile

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always struggled with dry, sensitive skin. Over the years, it manifested as eczema and perioral dermatitis; two conditions that I couldn’t seem to cure (or even successfully hide) with any over-the-counter products. And trust me, I tried a lot! But the truth was, no matter what I did, healthy looking skin felt like an unattainable goal.

It wasn’t until I finally moved to Vancouver, and was referred to Dr. Beleznay, that my skin story really changed. That’s when I was first introduced to evidence-based products. These were steroid-free options that didn’t even require a prescription — and they worked. Within just eight weeks of a personalized skincare program I was seeing unbelievable results, and by the 12-week mark my skin was flawless (see before and afters below). I couldn’t believe how much my skin health was improving.

I’m grateful that my skin condition is no longer such a focus in my life. The best part is that, now that I work at C&H, I have the opportunity to show others how they can re-write their skin stories as well. When patients come in feeling discouraged or apprehensive, I can speak first-hand about the potential of an effective skincare program.

If you have a drawer full of products that don’t seem to make any difference, I can relate — but don’t give up hope so fast. My advice to anyone who feels as though their dream skin is out of reach? I guarantee there’s a way to get there.

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