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How to Camouflage Rosacea

At Carruthers & Humphrey, our approach to skin care is two-fold: we aim to prevent potential problems from arising, and address existing imperfections. But visible results often take time — and we aren’t always patient enough to wait for them.

Treatments like Intense Pulsed Light can be extremely effective in reducing redness, sensitivity and unevenness related to rosacea, with results that are long lasting. However, IPL and other clinical procedures can take a few days, weeks or even months to show their effects. In the meantime, you may be looking for a temporary fix; a way to hide your rosacea that won’t hinder your skin’s healing process.

The article, ‘How to Camouflage Rosacea with Makeup‘ by The Social outlines the fundamentals when it comes to covering up rosacea with makeup — for those times when our busy lives can’t wait.

Read on to learn more, or contact us to book your consultation for a non-invasive treatment program that can achieve long-lasting results.

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