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What Can I Achieve with Conservative Treatments?

One of the most common concerns I hear from first-time patients is that results will seem unnatural. The worry doesn’t surprise me — when many people think of cosmetic medicine, they still picture unnatural results from years past, and worry that their own treatments will be obvious and harsh. At the same time, they feel like they need to do something drastic to get drastic results, and aren’t sure where to get started.

I love when patients ask: “How far do I have to go to get the results I’m after?” I’m able to explain exactly how we ensure a natural outcome that falls within their unique comfort zone. Our patients love hearing that they can achieve meaningful improvements without turning to invasive procedures.

Start With Your Skin

Our industry (myself included) has welcomed non-invasive procedures with open arms in recent years. These alternatives achieve very real effects with very limited intrusion and recovery time. For all patients and especially those who are wary of injectable treatments, I often recommend starting with a customized skincare routine. Working with dermatologists to identify which products are best matched with your skin is a great, stress-free foray to the world of cosmetic medicine — and you will be surprised what you can accomplish with the right arsenal of at-home tools.

For patients who are interested in a conservative dermatological treatment, I will introduce gentle complexion laser and energy-based treatments. Treatments like Intense Pulsed Light, CoolSculpting, and Clear + Brilliant can achieve some truly stunning results ranging from fat elimination and contouring, to an evened skin tone and decreased signs of aging.

One-on-One Care

Of course, my main job is to listen to my patients’ individual needs and design a program tailored to them. At our practice, our goal is always to work together in order to achieve beautiful results and ensure our patients leave more confident than when they first walked through our doors — without ever feeling uncomfortable. We consider more than your anatomical needs; we take into account your personal values, lifestyle and preference for treatments. There’s always a way to attain the results you’re after, and we will work with you to figure out what the best course of action is for you.

To learn more about our 360° approach, and how you can achieve the results you’re after, book a consultation at our West Broadway office.

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