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What You Need to Know About InstaLift

There may be a new kid on the block. Our American neighbours have experience with a collagen-stimulating therapy called InstaLift— and…

Facial Slimming 101

If you’ve ever shopped for sunglasses or tried a daring hairstyle, you’re no doubt aware of your face shape. Like…

It Isn’t Vanity

We’ve been conditioned to think that caring about our appearance makes us vain. We hear how mainstream media, reality TV,…

Dermal Filler Options As Unique as You

As with any dermatological treatment, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to filler. These days, fillers aren’t all about augmentation….

Perception Drift in Cosmetic Dermatology

One of the biggest concerns our patients share is the worry that the results of a cosmetic dermatology treatment won’t…

3 Myths About Filler, Debunked

Let’s face it: fillers tend to get a bad rap. When most people think about fillers they picture overly swollen…

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