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Here are some reasons our male patients work with us

  • To look and feel refined, not tired
  • To look as healthy and vital on the outside as the inside
  • To feel confident in the corporate environment

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Dull, Tired-Looking Skin & Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dull skin and under-eye circles are among the most common complaints we hear. They each have several contributing factors, ranging from inadequate skin care (including exfoliation and moisturization) to more generalized issues, like stress and a poor diet.

Of-course aging is one of the primary causes and unlike some of the others, you can’t exactly “fix” getting older with a new topical product or more sleep. Luckily that doesn’t mean that you just have to live with the puffy eyes or tired expression that’s currently staring back at you in the mirror.


The injectable procedure is designed to smooth wrinkles, fill hollows and has been shown to stimulate collagen production. Learn More

*Treatment: Botox. Actual results may vary, speak with your physician about treatment options.

Treatments with Botox, Xeomin or Dysport soften lines and lift or reshape the face. There is also substantial evidence that these products are preventative over time, actually reducing the development of wrinkles, improving skin quality and elasticity, and stimulating collagen production. Learn More.

Take control of your appearance and your confidence

*Treatment: Emervel. Actual results may vary, speak with your physician about treatment options.

Hollow Cheeks and Sagging Skin

Fat loss in the cheeks combined with fat loss under the eyes can lead to an aged and hollow look that many men express concern about. Furthermore, men tend to have a leaner overall body composition, making them particularly susceptible to hollow cheeks as they age. Traditional solutions have always involved surgery, but there are many non-invasive treatments available today that can help.

Treatment Options

HA fillers
these injectable treatments replenish your skin’s deteriorating supply of hyaluronic acid in order to regain volume, and work beyond the surface layer of the skin to effect more deeply rooted, long-term change. Learn More.

Topical skin care & IPL
Combine injectable treatments with topic and laser- or light-based treatments to further restore a youthful skin texture and luminosity. Visit your treatment options Learn More.

*Treatment: Belkyra. Actual results may vary, speak with your physician about treatment options.
Treatment Options

Just 2-4 short injectable treatments can rid you of the double chin that’s been plaguing you for years. These injections include deoxycholic acid, a substance that exists naturally in your body, and can break down targeted fat. Learn More.

Idea for submental regions that require a little debulking. This additional facial contouring treatment can work in concert with Belkyra to help you achieve the defined profile you always desired. Visit your treatment options Learn More.

Spare Tire or Muffin Top

Among men, one of the primary areas of excess fat buildup is around the centre. Some call it a beer belly, others a spare tire — regardless, with age, this is where fat tends to concentrate. Some of our male patients find that despite proper diet and exercise, they just can’t seem to achieve the physique they’re after.


The advanced technology gently freezes unwanted fat cells. In the weeks and months following the treatment, your body naturally disposes of the dead cells and the localized fat simply disappears. Learn More.

Sunspots and Other Sun Damage

As we age, effects of improper sun protection appear in greater magnitude—particularly among men. In many cases, our patients are seeking a corrective solution for sunspots and other sun damage that has already appeared.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
This photo-rejuvenation treatment targets pigmentation imbalances, including brown spots and redness. Plus, it stimulates collagen production which helps maintain more revitalized looking skin. Visit your treatment
options Learn More.

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Take control of your appearance and your confidence

Blood Vessel Redness

This particular condition can come in many forms, ranging from broken capillaries to rosacea. Personalization is key to successful outcomes in cosmetic medicine and facial redness is no exception.


IExcel V
The vascular laser is one of our most customizable treatments; it targets skin redness of any size and depth to help clear your skin and restore your natural tone and colour.Learn More.

Weak Features

Dissatisfaction with general facial shape is another common complaint we often hear from men at our practice. While everyone is different, there are certain indisputable features that make men classically handsome and distinguished. Jawline, cheekbones, nose and brow bone often come to mind when we think of a strong, masculine aesthetic.

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