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Dr. Shannon Humphrey Elected to the ASDS Board of Directors

If you’ve been a patient for some time you’ve seen us share news on Dr. Humphrey’s busy travel and lecture schedule. Her contribution to the field of cosmetic dermatology is evident in all that she does inside the clinic and around the globe. So it will come as no surprise, when we announce how very proud we are of Dr. Humphrey for being elected to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery’s Board of Directors.

The ASDS is the foremost professional organization in cosmetic and surgical dermatology.

ASDS-certified Dermatologists are respected as leaders and innovators in their field — even among patients, who often consider the ASDS certification a distinguishing factor in their physician choice.

We are so proud of Dr. Humphrey, and are so excited to continue to supporting her endeavours to further elevate the clinical research and practice of dermatology.

To learn about Dr. Humphrey’s latest contributions to the field, read more on our blog, or book an in-person consultation.

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