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Dr Humphrey Study Published: ATX-101 for Reduction of Submental Fat

There has been a lot of buzz around a new treatment called BELKYRA™ (KYBELLA™ in the United States) which offers a non-surgical solution to those struggling with a double chin. Known as ATX-101 in the medical community, the injectable uses deoxycholic acid (a substance your body produces naturally) to break down targeted fat.

What some may not realize is Carruthers & Humphrey’s involvement in the clinic trials. Dr Shannon Humphrey was the lead investigator during Phase 3 trials, which helped bring this treatment to market.

Dr Humphrey’s Phase 3 study has been reviewed and published by the Journal of the Dermatologic Surgery: ATX-101 for reduction of submental fat: A phase III randomized controlled trial – pdf

Dr Humphrey continues to travel across North American to train leading physicians on injection technique and best practices.

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