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Dr. Jean Carruthers Speaks at 2016 J.P. Morgan Health Conference

Dr. Jean Carruthers traveled to San Fransisco Tuesday, January 12th to speak at this year’s J.P. Morgan Health Conference. One of the largest and most exclusive life science industry conferences of the year. The conference focuses on thought leadership and innovation, with thousands of investors and executives in the healthcare sector eagerly attending this ‘invite-only’ event annually.
“This is an important opportunity to showcase the Phase 2 study of injectable RT002, that was done in Canada. It’s wonderful to be invited to this conference and speak about our research and the future of this very exciting neuromodulator.” shares Dr. Jean Carruthers

Dr. Jean, one of the world’s leading experts on neurotoxins, presented research findings on RT002. Doctors Jean and Alastair Carruthers, and Dr. Humphrey are lead investigators in the new injectable Botulinum Toxin Type A. Presently in phase 2 trials, this product is designed to offer a more targeted result – which may lead to a longer-lasting effect. Research on this new treatment continues.

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