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How Early is Too Early? (And How Late is Too Late?)

Mother Daughter Cosmetic Dermatology

When it comes to cosmetic dermatology, there’s no secret recipe, or perfect equation. Everyone is unique which means that their skin, preferences for treatment and desired outcomes are also unique. As a result, there’s no official age when you should get started, or deadline when you can no longer benefit.

“How Early is Too Early?”

It’s a question we get a lot: “I’m only in my twenties/thirties, should I really be considering cosmetic dermatology yet?” My answer is that cosmetic dermatology covers an entire range of treatments and procedures designed to keep your skin vibrant and healthy — so why not start when it still is?

Starting early allows you to prevent aging and damage to the skin. One of the best ways to get started is with a customized skincare regimen. Evidence based sunscreen, cleansers and antioxidants, and moisturizers that are right for your skin can work in tandem to maintain the elasticity and hydration that makes you look (and feel) young.

While it’s best to avoid significant damage through preventative strategies, we can achieve a lot through corrective treatments as well. If specific conditions are making you feel self-conscious, we want to address them and restore your confidence right away.

“How Late is Too Late?”

On the other end of the spectrum are patients who feel they’ve already missed the boat by waiting too long. Maybe they already have deeper wrinkles, or they’ve gotten accustomed to their dull and tired appearance. For them my answer is essentially the same: a customized combination treatment program is always available no matter your present concerns or desired results.

In today’s practice, combination treatments are often part of a conservative strategy to restore the most vital and healthy skin possible. There may not be a secret recipe, but the right blend of approaches can see great results.

There is no age barrier to cosmetic dermatology. We believe an individualized 360° treatment plan is the best strategy. By considering the health of your skin, your lifestyle, your age and your goals, we can help to identify the best combination of products and treatments that will make you feel like you got started at just the right time.

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