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Facial Slimming 101

If you’ve ever shopped for sunglasses or tried a daring hairstyle, you’re no doubt aware of your face shape. Like any other part of our bodies, faces take a number of shapes and forms — from heart to oval, and round to square.

Oval or heart shaped faces have long been identified as an aesthetic ideal.  The underpinning of these preferences is biological and evolutionary as they illustrate features of reproductive fitness.

Your natural face shape may seem like something you can’t change, but that’s not necessarily true. If you’re unhappy with a pronounced jawline and find yourself longing for a more oval symmetry, believe it or not, wrinkle relaxing injections can help.

Known as ‘master neuromodulator (Botox) injections’ — as it addresses the masseter muscles in the jawline — this injectable treatment can soften an overly defined jaw, reduce regional tension from clenching or grinding teeth and leave patients with a more tapered look.

Key facts:

  • It’s temporary: results typically last between six to nine months
  • It takes time: results appear around three weeks post-treatment, compared to Botox’s typical one-week turnaround
  • It’s non-invasive: patients can explore a softer jawline without pursuing surgery

Botox’s applications continue to evolve, but Masseter Botox isn’t new. In fact, several celebrities who have undergone significant facial slimming over the years attribute it to Masseter Botox, including Skinnygirl Cocktails’ Bethenny Frankel.

Is your face shape is a point of contention when you look in the mirror, or do you find yourself shying away from certain angles with the camera? Learn more about the non-invasive solutions available to you.

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