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As featured in Business in Vancouver: Innovation in cosmetic dermatology

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Innovation in cosmetic dermatology boosts inner and outer wellness

The team at Carruthers & Humphrey, a leading cosmetic dermatology clinic in Vancouver, is exploring innovations within the field, offering advanced anti-aging solutions for patients looking to achieve wellness on multiple levels. Dr. Shannon Humphrey—who, along with Dr. Jean Carruthers, has led key clinical trials for various cosmeceutical and injectable advancements—says the practice is looking to do more than just treat patients. The doctors at Carruthers & Humphrey want to give patients a cohesive plan for the future.

“It’s one thing to book a patient to soften a line or a wrinkle. It’s another thing to explore their values, find out where they’re heading in the next 10 years and customize a plan to ensure that their skin and overall appearance stays as youthful, vital and healthy as they would like it to,” says Dr. Humphrey.

Trends in cosmetic medicine

Changes in the cosmetic dermatology field are constant, and patients have many solutions to choose from when building wellness plans particular to their needs and goals. A new treatment in cosmetic dermatology is micro-needling. This treatment creates tiny punctures in the skin, that naturally stimulate collagen production. It’s ideal for smoothing out skin and minimizing the appearance of pore size and acne scarring.

“What’s appealing to West Coasters about micro-needling is that it’s natural,” says Humphrey. “Nothing foreign is injected, it works with your body’s regenerative capacity.”

Humphrey believes that fat-dissolving solution Belkyra™—typically used as a double chin solution—is a great solution to contour other areas, including the jowls.

“Many patients complain that their faces are sagging, that they’re looking tired or less happy,” says Dr. Humphrey. “This relates to the formation of the jowl that changes over time due to natural facial remodeling.” Humphrey, who was involved in clinical trials for Belkyra, believes this non-invasive solution could yield substantial results for patients who feel that signs of aging are negatively impacting their career progression.

She’s equally enthusiastic about the a new treatment, SkinBoosters, for its successful in reducing necklace lines, or “tech neck”—those wrinkles that appear around the neck from craning over a computer or phone. The sugar-based solutions soften fine lines and hydrate the skin, drawing out especially noticeable results around necklace and smile lines.

Finally, ongoing research with a new neurotoxin (aka Botox) called daxibotulinum toxin A has found that the solution lasts longer than previous formulations. Currently, patients need to visit every three to four months for Botox, but the team at Carruthers & Humphrey believes that with this formulation it could become a twice a year treatment, saving patients an incredible amount of time.

Boosting patient confidence

Carruthers & Humphrey feels a long-term wellness plan should be designed to enhance your self-esteem by targeting confidence-hindering aspects of your self-image.

“There’s this real focus on wellness right now, but wellness has so many facets. It’s not just physical health; mental or emotional wellness,” says Dr. Humphrey.

According to Dr. Humphrey, patients who have a more positive, optimistic and healthy relationship with their appearance feel better and have a greater quality of life; professional peers and friends also interact with them in a more positive way—a key benefit when trying to stay competitive in the workplace over time.

“It’s really the trickle-down effect from looking healthy, well-rested and more vital,” says Dr. Humphrey. “And you’ll notice I didn’t say younger.”

The future of cosmetic dermatology

Dr. Humphrey says that she has noticed growing interest in cosmetic dermatology as an evidence-based specialty of medicine in the past decade, and that social acceptance of solutions like Belkyra and Botox are on the rise as well. Patients who have identified body image concerns they wish to address have found greater diversity in solutions, from minimally invasive procedures to more corrective treatments. Many of these latest solutions fall in line with the sorts of concerns that are especially dominant on the West Coast.

“In this day and age there’s a lot of fear around looking unnatural,” says Dr. Humphrey. “The foundation of our practice is built upon a philosophy committed to natural looking outcomes.”

Leading education, research and development in the practice exposes the Carruthers & Humphrey team to treatments on the cutting edge. In turn, patients can explore solutions that will help them stay competitive, positive and confident in their professional and personal lives.

“Most of our patients don’t come in saying they want to look like someone different,” says Dr. Humphrey. “They just want to look like the best, healthiest, most rested versions of themselves, and that’s something we can really support.”

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