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Go Back to Skin Health this Back-to-School Season

There’s nothing quite like the end of summer: the combination of long days, lazy afternoons, and quieter family time as August comes to an end. But as someone who loves routine, I always look forward to the back-to-school season. Energy starts to rise, the activities pick up, and I take comfort in returning to a consistent schedule.

As the flexibility of summer winds down, and our human nature craves more order again, it’s a great time to commit to wellness and self-care. This can include exercise, improved sleep patterns, meditation, and of course, skin care and treatments. Here are three things to consider as you plan for skin health this fall.

Keep it simple

The return to a regular schedule provides a great opportunity to build a skin care regimen into your day, but don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. For moms especially, this time of year can get to be quite busy. By focusing on the best products for you, this can be as easy as a quick 90-second ritual in the morning and at night, that’s easy to squeeze in and provides another layer of comforting consistency.

Consider complexion

As the UV index falls, it’s a great time of year to think about your complexion. Sun spots and other signs of summer are still present on your skin, and there’s no need to wait for an overhaul. Treatments like IPL, Clear and Brilliant, and Micro-Needling, can work wonders on repairing and revitalizing your skin’s vibrancy. Paired with a pigment-targeting at-home regimen, you can make great headway on any summer skin damage, before officially saying goodbye to the warm weather.

Include your teens

Every member of your household is stepping back into a routine come September, making it a great time of year to think about the teens and young adults in your life — and establishing routines of self-care and skin hygiene early will set a great foundation for long-term skin health. This can be as simple as a quick face wash and sunscreen application in the morning, followed by a face wash and moisturizer at night. And keep in mind that for teens that develop acne — and more than 85% will to some degree — it’s much easier to adopt an evidence-based self-treatment that can be done at home, if they already have a skin care routine in place.

As summer comes to an end and you’re trying to get everything else back in order, it can feel daunting to add a customized regimen for skin care and treatments into the mix — but it doesn’t have to be.

Take advantage of the craving for routine that we face at this time of year, and let us help you design a program that fits into your lifestyle seamlessly.

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