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Have You Thought About Your Hands?

When most patients think of cosmetic dermatology, they focus on the face. And fair enough: your face is often your first impression to the world — including to yourself in the mirror. But it’s not the only area that deserves your attention. It’s important to create harmony and consistency across all parts of your body, and that means considering your neck, chest, and even your hands.

The hands are perhaps the feature most subjected to the elements. Consider how, for instance, while you may think to wear a hat or apply sunscreen to your face for protection from harmful UV rays, you rarely put the same diligence into covering your hands. And yet, they’re just as exposed on a daily basis.

The good news is that if this was the first time you thought about skin health and your hands, it isn’t too late. There are three treatments in particular that we do often to protect, restore, and prolong their natural vitality:

  1. Filler: Like most parts of the body, aging hands lose volume. You’ve likely noticed how boney your grandmother’s hands are, for instance. It can cause you to look less vital than you feel. Using fillers, we can supplement the natural volume in your hands to restore their original softness.
  2. IPL: As I mentioned, the hands are among the most exposed body parts for the majority of our lives. We leave the house most days without covering them — and even if you use a daily sunscreen, it’s likely you often forget to apply it to your hands. Photorejuvenation can help your skin to restore itself from age spots and pigmentation imbalances, making up for years of harsh treatment.
  3. Volite: This HA injectable — a favourite in our office — is incredibly hydrating and nourishes your skin from the inside out. If the wear of time and the elements is causing your hands to look rough, tired, or, the skin has begun to look crepey, Volite can work wonders to revive them.

Beyond an initial focus on the face, the hands are one of the biggest areas of concern for our patients — especially those in the Advanced Approach demographic, who are working to overcome side effects that have compounded over time. Talk to us, a simple combination of treatments can leave you with hands that look as young as you feel.

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