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Hollywood’s Non-Facelift Facelift with Dr. Katie Beleznay

Many patients come in talking about someone from Hollywood — from Jennifer Anniston to Jennifer Lopez…women who look great for their age but don’t look like they’ve had work done. They’re bothered with how their jowls or fine lines are causing them to look sad, angry or tired, but don’t want to look like they’ve had cosmetic surgery. They’re looking for the non-facelift facelift.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Thermage and Ultherapy, for instance, are great for patients like this. They help to stimulate your own collagen production, resulting in natural looking changes with very little downtime. Complexion-specific treatments like IPL and microneedling can also help to revitalize your skin’s health. But one of the most effective ways to accomplish the results of the facelift, without going under the knife, is actually with filler:

Behind the hairline

Filler used just behind the hairline can lift the cheeks and jowls without leaving a trace. One of the potential giveaways that someone had a filler treatment is that there is a small risk that the procedure may bruise the skin, but in this case any side effects will be covered by your hair. Further, people worry about “looking done” with overfilled cheeks or an altered facial appearance. Properly done filler, by the right injector, should look natural. However, for anyone worried, off face filler is a great alternative as a high impact, low downtime option to lift the lower face.

The temple

The temple region — like so many others — can start to hollow out as we age, leading to a skeletonized appearance. By reinflating the temple, you can provide a subtle lift to the eye area and the brow, resulting in an appearance of being rested but not “done”.

Filler is still working to overcome its reputation from the past. When people think of filler they still often think of big cheeks or lips and celebrities who just had too much of it— but that’s ultimately not an accurate picture. When used strategically, and injected by a trained injector, filler can offer the non-facelift facelift you’re after.

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