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How Pregnancy Impacts Your Skincare Routine

If you’ve been to our clinic before, you may recognize Jessica Miskiewicz. As our Clinic Flow Coordinator, Jessica is behind the details of our patient experience — from the moment you step inside, she ensures your visit is streamlined, refreshing and personalized.

Jessica returned from maternity leave last week, so we asked her a few questions about how pregnancy and childbirth affected her skin and how her daily routine has changed with a little one around.

  1. We hear so much about the natural ‘glow’ that women have during pregnancy. What did you find actually changed about your skin and overall complexion while you were pregnant?
    I’ve always been prone to acne and found that my acne got pretty bad in the first trimester. During the last trimester of pregnancy, my skin finally had that ‘pregnancy glow’ that everyone talks about; it was blemish-free and hydrated — but it took six months to get there!
  2. What has changed about your skin and complexion since giving birth?
    My skin and complexion was probably at its best right after giving birth. I hardly had to wear make-up — which I didn’t have time to apply anyways. My skin was dewy, blemish-free and smooth thanks to all the pregnancy hormones!
  3. How did your daily skincare regimen change both during and post-pregnancy as a result?
    Since I wasn’t able to use many of the products I was used to using pre-pregnancy (including hydroquinone products, salicylic acid and retinol), my skincare regimen changed quite drastically. I switched to pregnancy-safe products such as Lytera 2.0 for brightening and  mineral-based sunscreens for sun protection.
  4. Have you found it difficult to maintain your personal morning and evening routines with a newborn in the house?
    It’s definitely challenging. There is less time to devote to a skincare ritual when you have a baby to look after. There were days where I didn’t even get around to washing my face!
  5. What are two or three of the things you’ve been doing to keep your routine easy, fast and repeatable, no matter how little time you have to yourself?
    When my baby is napping, I take the opportunity to have a quick shower. I love my Clarisonic because it can be used in the shower with my SkinCeuticals Simply Clean cleanser. The Clarisonic is so easy to use and gives great exfoliation. Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF50 is also amazing — I keep it in my diaper bag and apply it on the go.
  6. Has having a child changed your perspective about your overall health and safety of beauty products at all?
    Yes! Having a child makes me want to be healthier overall. I purchase beauty products, like sunscreens, that are mineral-based and safe for my baby to use.
  7. If you had to depend on a single product to keep your skin healthy and your routine simple while you have a newborn, what would it be?
    Colorscience Sunforgettable SPF50, without a doubt. It’s easy to use and since it’s mineral-based I use it on my baby, too.

To learn more about how you can customize your daily skincare regimen to accommodate shifting hormones and priorities during pregnancy, book a consultation with our team or visit our on-site skincare boutique.

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