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More Than Just a Pretty Face

Healthy skin complexion blog post

The majority of patients who walk through our doors for the first time are coming in to talk about their face. Whether it’s sun damage, loss of volume or submental fat, when they think of cosmetic dermatology they think of facial skin conditions.

But when it comes to the signs of aging, your face isn’t the only area susceptible to damage. Several other areas — such as the hands, chest and neck — are prone to wrinkles or age spots due to excessive weather exposure over the years. Although the related treatments may be most commonly used for the face, they can be just as effective in targeting these regions.

For Skin That’s Showing the Signs of Time

Aging skin means different things to each patient. While we generally associate age with wrinkles, it can also result in a number of complexion related concerns like: age spots, dull, rough, or tired-looking skin.

This most often results from a combination of factors; the loss of hyaluronic acid, environmental factors, decreased collagen production. The best defense is a proactive skin care regimen, but it isn’t your only option to rejuvenate the skin. Clear + Brilliant, IPL and Skinboosters can all be used to bring back supple, smooth, and radiant skin. Reviving a brightened, more youthful, looking appearance.

These treatments can also address sunspots — those flat brown spots that can appear over time in regions most exposed to UV rays. Regardless of past exposure or skin damage from the sun, a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen is a must-have in your daily routine. Broad spectrum sun protection is the most effective cosmeceutical you can use.

For Skin That’s Sagging and Wrinkled

This is arguably the most common effect of aging on the skin. A result of decreased elasticity and natural volume depletion, sagging skin takes the form of wrinkles, ridges and other age-revealing lines. Some areas that may not come to mind, but are frequently treated at our clinic include: knees, ear lobes, décolleté, and neck.

Sagging skin is especially common in the chest area among women, where v-neck tops and other lower neck lines expose this sensitive skin to excessive sun over the years. Thermage and Ultherapy are two of my favourite approaches to smoothen and tighten sagging skin in a larger area — however Sculptra is another great option depending how concentrated the affected region is. Sculptra allows your body to regenerate collagen which has been depleted over time. When used on the décolleté area it naturally and gradually bringing back a more supple looking upper chest.

For Skin That Won’t Stop Sweating

Of course, not every skin condition has overtly visible effects. Excessive sweating, known as Hyperhidrosis is another dermatological issue that impacts your skin. There are a number of products available over the counter which include active ingredients like aluminum-based compounds. If you are looking for a longer lasting solution, and are tired of skin irritating topicals, you may want to consider neuromodulators.  Did you know neuromodulator injections (like Botox) temporarily relax the sweat glands helping decrease excessive sweating within a week from time of treatment.

Those Pesky Lines

While we tend to focus on our faces when addressing the signs of aging, wrinkles can develop on any part of your body. Two of the most complex areas to prevent are the décolleté and neck (necklace lines).

These areas tend to be more sensitive since the skin on upper chest and neck is more delicate and thin. This also makes it more susceptible to aging. The good news is there are a number of options to treat and prevent further signs of aging. SkinBoosters is an effective non-invasive treatment which works by hydrating the skin deep in the dermis, providing long-lasting hydration, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Within days the treated area will appear softer and more smooth.

SkinCeuticals Neck, Chest and Hand Repair is a great option to help maintain results post treatment. Developed specifically to improve skin quality, it also addresses skin tone and brown spots which accumulate overtime from sun exposure. The result, brighter, more even looking skin.

The face may come to mind first when considering cosmetic dermatology, but there are plenty of other regions impacted by skin conditions or aging concerns that we can help with. Book a consultation to learn more about the skincare + treatment combo best suited to you.

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