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How Your Lifestyle Can Contribute to a Holistic Anti-Aging Strategy

Dr. Shannon Humphrey

Dr. Shannon Humphrey describes how living on the West Coast has benefitted her inner and outer well-being.

Here at Carruthers & Humphrey, we often talk about our 360 degree approach. We believe that every element of your life, from personal care to physical fitness to downtime with loved ones has a direct impact on your well-being. One of the reasons I love living on the West Coast, is that this holistic philosophy isn’t unique — I am surrounded by people who choose B.C. for the outdoor playground, the work/life balance and the mental refresh that comes from escaping to the mountains, ocean and forests.

At the clinic, our anti-aging goals are to maintain healthy, vibrant skin and a rejuvenated feeling for oneself. But a holistic anti-aging strategy extends beyond skin care products and dermatological treatments into day-to-day lifestyle choices, like these:


My personal approach to nutrition is to maintain a colourful diet and drink lots of water throughout the day. It’s not too prescriptive, but helps ensure that I am choosing nutritious foods that will keep me energized — and it makes it easy to keep my family excited about healthy eating.

Food is an excellent source of antioxidants, found in colourful choices like oranges, red peppers, kale and brussels sprouts. I love starting my day with a green juice. If you are looking for your daily dose of the West Coast, one of my favourite go-to’s on the west side is Glory Juice, where they can pack several of these ingredients into a something delicious. Many physicians and dieticians recommend a traditional Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes olive oil, vegetables, fish and poultry. Regardless of which approach feels right for you, be conscious of how you are fueling your body.


How can you impact your skin through exercise? The answer is two-fold. First, find a practice you enjoy. Weekly exercise goes a long way to help with the following:

  • Maintain healthier skin overall — an increased heart rate leads to improved blood circulation, which improves the health of your skin cells.
  • Maintain muscle function — exercise keeps your body lean and toned, especially as your skin’s natural elasticity decreases with age.
  • Maintain bone mineral density — weight-bearing exercise can help you avoid a loss of bone mineral density that leaves our bones brittle and susceptible to fracture over time.

Exercise also releases endorphins and neurotransmitters that have significant psychological benefits. I like to incorporate yoga into my personal workout routine. For me, yoga is a welcome chance to relax and reflect in an otherwise busy schedule. This summer, while in Whistler with my family, I attended Wanderlust. As a practiced yogi, it was amazing to experience the broader community and learn new forms of my favourite post-work ritual.


It can be hard to carve out adequate time for rest in our busy lives, but this too plays a part in the overall health of our skin.

Adequate sleep each night can improve the function of the skin barrier — the skin’s protection that keeps hydration in, and chemicals and dirt out. Sufficient sleep can also help you maintain your bone mineral density and increase your muscle mass and function. On the West Coast, we often advocate for work-life balance, and dedicating time to down time and sleep is an important part of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

Dr. Sabrina Fabi and Dr. Sandeep Saluja recently published an article in Dermatologic Surgery on the holistic approach to anti-aging, that outlines these and other factors from a clinical lens.

If you would like to learn more about our dermatological philosophy, and how it can impact looking and feeling your best, book a consultation at our West Broadway office.


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