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“My skin is finally a reflection of how I feel” ~ By Susie Wall

We all have reasons for getting in front of our skincare regime. And having spent much of my career in front of the camera and as a lifestyle journalist – my routine had always lacked consistency. Between product testing, beauty reviews, travel, motherhood, photoshoots and the wearing of so many hats – my skin was showing the signs of life on the run.

I first went to Dr. Humphrey when I was approaching my 40th birthday. I have combination skin — so dealing with fine lines and breakouts simultaneously read like a cruel joke! And even though I was a little late to the game, relatively speaking, it was time for my skincare routine to be aligned with the rest of my approach to self-care. Dr. Humphrey didn’t just give me a once-over and start making assumptions; she really listened. She got to know my lifestyle, my family and work commitments, my goals, my concerns. Coming in as cautious, the experience and level of care were exactly what I needed. I didn’t want to feel like a blip on someone’s radar; I wanted to feel like my doctor and her team were on the journey next to me.

My commitment to the program that Dr. Humphrey developed for me provided immediate motivation. The results were straightforward: my skin felt better and my skin looked better.

Fast forward a few years, and my skincare needs shifted again. Having spent a lot of time in France, I have always marvelled at the unparalleled beauty of the women from Paris to Provence. Forget the perfect biker jacket or the allure of bateau stripes – their skin is what always makes my jaw drop. And these women are still really living their lives – eating cheese, enjoying a morning espresso, spending time in the garden – but their skin has this universally dewy luminescence, because caring for it with quality product is an undebatable health priority. So I laughed when I told Dr. Humphrey that my goal was “French skin”. But she didn’t. She smiled, nodded and said ‘OK. Let’s do it.’

A recent reassessment of my skin’s needs, Dr. Humphrey switched me to SkinMedica products, and my skin has become a true reflection of how I feel. I think a lot of women are robbed of this – they feel joyful, energetic, healthy, but their skin doesn’t always read that way. Over the past four months of using SkinMedica, I’ve maybe missed the routine… twice?

I’m 45 now, and I can proudly say that I have the French skin I always wanted.

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