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New Mommy Makeover Tips from Doctors Shannon Humphrey & Katie Beleznay

The beginning of motherhood is an extremely exciting time, but you may not feel quite so positive about your post-pregnancy body and complexion. As your priorities shift and your time becomes increasingly stretched, reclaiming a shape and skin that you’re proud of can be a challenge.

But with help from a few non-invasive, low-recovery treatments, you can return to your beautiful pre-pregnancy self in no time. Here are a few of our favourite treatments for restoring the confidence you deserve.

Freeze Away Unwanted Fat
We all long to ditch our maternity pants for our favourite pair of jeans, but they can suddenly seem so far out of reach. And as you struggle to shed those stubborn final pounds, it’s easy to feel like your hormones have taken control of your body.

If diet and exercise (yes, that includes chasing a baby around) don’t give you the results you’re after, consider CoolSculpting. The advanced freezing technology contours problem areas with just a couple of minimal recovery treatments to reclaim your desired figure.

Target Areas

There are certain parts of our bodies that immediately come to mind when we think about pregnancy weight, including:

  • Lower back fat
  • Belly fat
  • Thigh fat
  • Love handles
Dr. Shannon Humphrey and family

Dr. Shannon Humphrey and family

Restore Your Natural Glow
For the last nine months, people told you that you were glowing. But now that you’ve had your baby, your skin feels a little lackluster and tired – and as a result, so do you. Before you assume that this is your new status quo, consider Clear + Brilliant.

Originally designed as an anti-aging strategy, Clear + Brillant is a gentle laser procedure that evens skin tone, smoothes complexion and leaves skin looking brighter overall.

“When it finally came time to turn back to myself and look in the mirror, I noticed my skin just didn’t look as vibrant and healthy,” shares Dr. Shannon Humphrey of her own post-pregnancy experience. “It looked dull in appearance and I looked tired.”

“Post-baby is a great time to consider complexion-enhancing treatments like IPL or Clear + Brilliant,” suggests Dr. Humphrey. “There are also active topicals that are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.”

Contributing Factors

Clear + Brilliant can help to rejuvenate your skin and restore your natural glow caused by the following post-pregnancy factors:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Massive hormonal shifts
  • Significant weight loss & weight gain
  • Dehydration from breastfeeding
  • Less attention to one’s own nutrition

Dr. Beleznay opted for a product line that she could incorporate into her at-home skin care regimen. “During pregnancy I developed melasma on my forehead and cheeks, so post-partum I used the Obagi Nu-Derm system to even my skin tone and get a refreshed glow back,” says Dr. Katie Beleznay.


Dr. Katie Beleznay and family

Dr. Katie Beleznay and family

Reclaim Your Vibrance
Bringing new life into the world makes you infinitely more aware of the effects of time. Less than one year ago, motherhood was a distant reality, and now your baby is everything to you. There are a number of minimally invasive treatments to help you look and feel your best. Sculptra restores full, firm and youthful-looking skin by proactively stimulating collagen production and replacing the volume aging has begun to deplete.

“After pregnancy, I wanted a lift and refresh, so I did a treatment with Sculptra to help stimulate collagen production,” shares Dr. Katie Beleznay. “I like Sculptra because it creates a gradual, natural rejuvenation.”

And of course Botox — a world-renowned aesthetic treatment discovered by our very own Dr. Jean Carruthers — is best known for softening fine lines and wrinkles, but its complete anti-aging properties are far more extensive.

Key Benefits

If you didn’t have an anti-aging regiment in place pre-pregnancy, it’s a great time to start considering neuromodulators. The benefits of anti-aging neuromodulators like Botox include:

  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Stimulate collagen production

The result: refreshed, youthful skin that makes you feel young enough to keep up with a newborn.

In this exciting phase as a new mom, it’s easy to put your own health and wellness on the back burner. But the right 360° approach is easily incorporated into your busy lifestyle so that you can bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body and complexion without ever taking your focus off your growing family.

Consult with our expert team of physicians to create a plan throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding: marketing@carruthers-humphrey.com or 604-714-0222.

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