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Newborn, new skincare routine? A Q&A with Nurse Marianna

A few months ago we spoke with our Clinic Flow Coordinator, Jessica, to learn how pregnancy and motherhood has impacted her skin. Well, Jessica is no longer the newest mom around our office! RN Marianna Delecki recently returned from maternity leave, so we asked how her skin (and skincare routine) has changed over the last nine months, and what normal looks like now.

  • Did you find that you experienced a natural ‘glow’ through your pregnancy? What changed about your complexion?
    If anything I think I lacked the “glow” and my skin became more dull. For instance, I’ve been using Retinol for 10 years so coming off of it really made my skin less luminous.
  • How has your skin changed again since giving birth? My skin has actually improved since giving birth because I can now use my more aggressive products such as Retinol and AHA/BHA.
  • What did you have to change about your daily skincare regimen while you were pregnant, and after?
    I was using minimal products when I was pregnant so I was extremely excited to get my skin back in tip-top shape once my baby was born. Throughout my pregnancy I was using Skinceuticals Vitamin C, Skinceuticals Fusion SPF 50 and Retexturizing Activator at night. Afterwards I want back on Retinol to help get that deep skin cell turnover and bring fresh skin to the surface.
  • Have you found it hard to keep up with your personal skincare routines now that you have a newborn to look after?
    No actually — if anything it’s the one thing that has remained constant! When you have the opportunity to actually do something for yourself, you really appreciate the “me” time.
  • What are the absolute musts of your daily routine, that you always make time for?
    I always keep my products on the counter ready to go so that first thing in the morning it gets put on. I never leave the house without my skincare or SPF. I think it’s just ingrained in me by now! When it comes to skincare, there is no such thing as “not enough time”.
  • Has pregnancy or motherhood impacted your selection of cosmetic dermatology products?
    It hasn’t changed my perspective about beauty products but it has in terms of my overall health, diet and prevention. Everything in moderation is key.
  • What’s your desert island item; the one thing you depend on no matter what?
    My Clarisonic; it’s my one go to products that I just can’t live without.
  • Which treatment are you most excited for, now that you’re back?
    I cannot wait to have Thermage for my eyes! They need some serious rejuvenation with all my lack of sleep!

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