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Not Your Mother’s Skincare

If you’re in your twenties or thirties, you might still associate skincare with the pile of expensive products that your mom has in her bathroom cabinet. After all, there’s no reason for you to start investing in high-end, evidence-based products yet, right? Wrong.

In virtually all areas of medicine, we do a much better job of prevention than reversal — that applies to diseases, conditions and in this case, sun damage. The truth is, UV exposure and damage from other non-UV sources (like Infrared and blue light) are cumulative. That means cellular damage builds day over day, and year over year. The sooner we can minimize their impact, the healthier skin can be and look over time.

As we head into patio season, we decided to share a few preventative skincare musts. This isn’t your mother’s skincare — it’s actually designed for you.

Broad spectrum sunscreen

It should come as no surprise that this one tops our list. Just think of the minutes, hours and days of beneficial protection you get if you start using a daily sunscreen diligently in your twenties.


Antioxidants have a ton of protective mechanisms that you can never tap into, too early. They protect against UV, pigment augmentation, and the loss of collagen and elastic fibres — all things that contribute to the appearance of fine lines, age spots and an overall tired aesthetic.


UV ray damage isn’t the only thing that is cumulative; the protective characteristics of retinol also build over time. They’re known to stimulate collagen production and repress pigmentation — and the sooner you start, the better.

Mineral-based makeup

High quality, preservative-free makeup products are another impactful addition to your daily regimen. Not only do they cause less irritation and boost sun protection (in combination with your daily SPF) — they just look better.

We’re all creatures of habit to some extent, and the sooner we pattern strong skincare behaviours, the more entrenched they will be in our lifelong self-care habits.

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