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Post-Baby Skincare Priorities

We recently caught up with our Senior Administrative Coordinator, Monika, about her personal post-baby journey. Monika shared how her pregnancy impacted her 360° program, and what she now prioritizes with a baby at home.

  1. Describe how your priorities for self-care changed during and immediately after pregnancy.
    While I was pregnant I kept my routine very simple. I focused on using SkinMedica’s HA5 and Dermal Repair Cream. I definitely missed Botox, but I was very swollen and was retaining a lot of water, so in reality I probably didn’t need it! After having Dominic, I was most excited to use TNS Essential Serum again, reintroduce my retinol, and of course return to Botox. I also opted for CoolSculpting to help me get back to my pre-baby body. Thankfully, I didn’t get any post-pregnancy pigmentation, but I’ve definitely had sun damage over the years, so I was still looking forward to having an IPL.
  2. How has becoming a new mom changed you?
    I absolutely love being a new mom. I definitely miss my sleep, but that’s about it. I love the age Dominic is at right now — he’s learning how to talk and walk. It’s exciting to see him so excited about new things.
  3. What has been the most positive impact this new bundle of joy has brought to your life?
    I feel far more calm since having him, more patient. I still don’t drink coffee and I’m still pretty go-go-go, but overall I have slowed down and realized what’s important – he’s really made me realize that family is my number one priority.
  4. What was it like returning to work as a new mom? What are the biggest challenges you’re still facing, juggling a baby and a job?
    The hardest part has been not getting to see him when he wakes up. That being said, I love that I get to spend my afternoons with him. I’m very grateful for my mom’s help. She comes over with cooked meals, watches Dominic for the day — she’s even looked after him for the weekend so that my husband and I can get away and reconnect. It’s extremely helpful having parents nearby who are obsessed with their grandchild.
  5. If you could give just one piece of advice to new moms, as they plan for such a major transition in life, what would it be?
    My honest advice — and this is a bit of a cop out — is just to actually listen to everything that all the other moms tell you. Sharing experiences and learning from other new moms is really important. I’ve personally found that working in an office with 18 other women is priceless. If I have to get specific, I would say just don’t overthink it. You don’t need half the stuff you think you need. Trust your intuition, and you’ll figure the rest out.

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