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Business in Vancouver: Projecting Confidence in Today’s Leadership Roles

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It’s no secret that there are growing expectations of today’s corporate leaders to be in the spotlight—in the media, within their company, among peers in their industry. To retain their competitive edge, top performers are turning to CEO networks, executive coaches, and health and wellness professionals.

The latter increasingly includes cosmetic dermatology—both for the natural-looking results it can produce and the confidence that comes from looking your best. A recent survey of 25,000 men showed that more than 40% were interested in having a cosmetic surgical procedure. Men underwent more than 1,000,000 non-surgical treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, complexion enhancing laser, and fat reduction in 2015.

One of the areas that are most troubling to individuals—for both men and women—is under the chin and jaw line. According to a survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 67% of consumers are concerned with excess fat under the chin and neck. For years, those wanting to address submental fat (also known as a double chin) had two options: leave it or explore surgical options such as liposuction.

Now, the team at Carruthers & Humphrey, a leading cosmetic dermatology clinic in Vancouver, is offering a third option: an effective, non-invasive injectable called Belkyra™. It redefines the jawline, eliminates submental fat, and improves facial contouring over time.

Belkyra uses deoxycholic acid (a substance your body produces naturally) to break down targeted fat cells. Depending on the patient, just two-to-four 15-minute treatments are needed for the long-lasting results. While there can be side effects, such as bruising or swelling, the procedure is straightforward and can be done quickly and discretely at the clinic as an outpatient. No need for long stretches of post-surgery recovery time.

The clinic has a longstanding history of dermatological innovation—Dr. Jean Carruthers was the first to discover the cosmetic use of botulinum toxin A, now known as Botox. Both Dr. Shannon Humphrey and Dr. Carruthers were principal investigators in Belkyra’s clinical trials (the injectable is called Kybella in the United States), and Dr. Humphrey was the lead investigator during the Phase 3 trials that helped bring this treatment to market. She now travels the world to train other physicians on the treatment and best practices for injection techniques.

Imagine standing in front of a boardroom or speaking on stage at a conference, knowing you have a streamlined profile from every angle. “A defined jawline and submental contour projects an image of confidence and youth,” says Dr. Humphrey. “It creates a profile that makes patients feel strong and assured.” That feeling is what the team at Carruthers & Humphrey strives to help their patients find every day.

With Belkyra, once fat cells are destroyed, they don’t return. Drs. Humphrey, Carruthers, and Katie Beleznay have now done over 250 treatments and effectively expanded its use to other body sites.

Looking holistically at patient health is a key tenet of their clinic: all three doctors are proponents of a 360° approach to cosmetic dermatology. Some of this involves site-specific treatments, but preventative measures, skin-care products, and overall wellness are also integral parts of ensuring every patient remains at the height of their performance.

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