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Research, Education and Clinical Expertise: Dr. Shannon Humphrey on the Global Stage

A look at where Dr. Humphrey spends her time beyond the walls of our West Broadway clinic.

We often talk about our unique 360° approach to dermatological health and wellness, but for our talented physicians that philosophy doesn’t end when they leave the clinic at the end of the day. “I have a perspective on clinical practice and patient care that starts with scientific conception, spans into clinical research development, and continues all the way through to the bedside,” says Dr. Shannon Humphrey, who was the lead investigator in recent Belkyra clinical trials.

Dr. Humphrey, who lists the study and approval of Belkyra among her greatest contributions to pharmaceutical research, has travelled the world to research, instruct and lecture on new dermatological solutions and cosmeceutical advancements. “I love that it allows me to collaborate with colleagues around the globe and to share different perspectives and ideas,” she says. During this year’s American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Orlando,  she provided insight on treatment of the submental fat region.

In the past six months alone, Dr. Humphrey has travelled to Prague, Paris, Monaco and across the United States on a total of twelve trips to speak on a number of topics ranging from anti-aging treatments and volumization to latest Belkyra findings and injectable best practices — another topic that she is particularly passionate about. “I truly look forward to coming into work each morning to treat my patients with neuromodulators and fillers,” she says. Earlier this year, Dr. Humphrey chaired the Juvederm Volbella Key Opinion Leader Advisory here in Vancouver, where she performed a live injection session before an audience of top physicians and physician trainers from the United States.

Shannon_TeachingWhile Dr. Humphrey’s contributions on a global scale are impressive, her local impact is also significant. Having mentored formally through ASDS and the UBC Faculty of Dermatology, she is the first to admit that mentorship does not necessarily need to be structured. “I’ve achieved what I have because of some really excellent mentors, and they can come when least expected” she says. “So, I always try to encourage those around me.”

In addition to all of her other commitments, Dr. Humphrey devotes at least half of a day each week to WebExes and conference calls for research collaboration. For Dr. Humphrey this process begins with initial idea generation, protocol development and patient planning, includes monitoring and advising throughout the study, and ends with data analysis, publication, and presentation, reflecting that same 360° approach she applies to all of her work.

In terms of what’s on deck, Dr. Humphrey is currently involved in a number of clinical trials and additional research. “We’re working on our clinical experience with Belkyra — it’s a case study looking at all 170 patients we’ve treated through the first 18 months of its commercial availability,” she explains. Another key focus of hers at the moment is safety, as she reviews topical 30% lidocaine, which has been used without any formally documented safety testing for the better part of a decade. “It’s one of those times that science lags behind clinical practice,” she says. Not coincidentally, her overarching focus is to elevate the level of science demanded of cosmetic topical skin care products. “We need to make a big push for scientific, evidence-based cosmeceuticals,” she explains. “It’s a standard to which cosmetic dermatology hasn’t previously been held.”

Of course, that covers just a sampling of the additional work Dr. Humphrey currently has underway. In the coming months, she will also be lecturing in Cancun, New York City, Seattle and Dallas — and, of course, continuing to provide the highest level of care to her Vancouver patients.

As proven, Dr. Humphrey’s time at our West Broadway clinic is just one piece of a larger puzzle. Outside of her typical office hours, she can be found travelling the world to study new solutions, instruct fellow doctors on latest treatments and lecture at key academic conferences, playing an important role in the overall progression of cosmetic dermatology.

To learn more about how Dr. Humphrey’s world-renowned cosmetic expertise can benefit you, visit us at our West Broadway location.

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