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Retinol FAQs

Retinol Skincare Blog

We’ve learned over time that Vitamin A (retinol) is one skincare ingredient patients “know” to look for — but very few know what it’s really all about. Whether it’s mid-consultation, or during a boutique visit, we get a ton of questions about retinol strength, value, usage, and composition. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear.

What is retinol?

Retinol, aka Vitamin A, is a vitamin predominantly found in foods that are high in protein. It’s a powerful antioxidant with great health benefits that extend beyond your skin.

What benefit does it have on my skin?

The biggest impact retinol has on your skin is in softening fine lines and stimulating collagen. This can result in a smoother skin tone, by suppressing pigmentation, discoloration and minimizing scarring. Patients see the most results from their retinol with daily, consistent use over time. Prescription-strength retinoids can also help to treat acne. 

What Retinol is right for me?

Retinol is available in a great variety of strengths, described as a percentage. Here are some of the most commonly available strengths.

  • 0.25%: One of the lowest concentrations of retinol available. It’s a safe place for anyone to start, and a good place to stay if you are prone to especially sensitive skin.
  • 0.5%
  • 1.0%

Because it is important to have the right formulation of retinol for your skin, we strongly recommend consulting your dermatologist in advance. If you are wondering which retinol is right for you, the best retinol is the one you can tolerate daily. Consistent, long-term use will provide the best result.

How often should I apply retinol?

Retinol can be applied every day. Best applied in the evening immediately after washing your face, followed by a moisturizer to avoid drying out your skin. And most importantly, in the morning, an SPF 50 sunscreen to protect you during the day.

To find out what retinol strength is safe for your skin, drop by our boutique or, book a personal consultation.

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