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Shed Your Extra Holiday Inches with CoolSculpting

If you feel like you blinked and the first couple months of 2019 disappeared you’re definitely not alone. Regardless of how good your intentions were, it’s easy to caught back up in the daily grind and wake up March 1st only to realize you haven’t made much progress on your goals.

As if that weren’t enough to discourage you, this recent cold snap hasn’t exactly served as motivation to leave your house and take advantage of our beautiful outdoors.

Instead of dwelling on lost time, take a step back to reassess when and where you’re trying to focus your efforts. We’ve all read the research that says taking breaks throughout your workday leads to greater productivity and employee engagement, so why not set a new goal to take back your well-deserved lunch break — and put it to good use with a CoolSculpting treatment?

Why CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment designed to eliminate stubborn fat — that very type that’s most likely bothering you a month into your New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes diet and exercise are not enough to rid us of those stubborn areas.

Why at lunch?

A CoolSculpting treatment itself takes under an hour, and with two machines in our office you can tackle two areas at once to make the most of your time. Plus, we offer CoolMini — the exact same concept but with a smaller applicator that’s perfect for small areas (think: bra bulge, knee fat, double chin).

What to expect?

The first thing you can expect is that it’s cold! CoolSculpting quite literally freezes your fat cells away. These results takes two to four months, so you won’t see results right away, but once you do they are there to stay.

Does CoolSculpting sound like the perfect way to spend your lunch break? Book your consultation with our team to learn more about this treatment.

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