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Skincare Trends Not Worth the Hype (Yet)

The skincare industry is a crowded one, which can make it feel daunting to decipher between true value, and false hype. So many concepts become trendy based on consumer-demand and marketing versus legitimate science or extensive evidence backing them.

Here are just a few of the trends touted as the next big thing that still need to prove their worth.

  1. Charcoal Masks
    Popularized by YouTube, SnapChat and celebrity influencers, charcoal masks promise to brighten and clear skin, but studies have yet to show that they have any true positive impact.
  2. Gold Masks
    This one is even more far-fetched. Believers swear that they’ve minimized fine lines and wrinkles, and brands say that they’re antibacterial — but as far as researchers are concerned, the verdict is out.
  3. Fermented, probiotic and superfood-based skincare products
    Latest skincare products list everything from flaxseed to broccoli as the latest breakthrough ingredient. In fact, these additions can irritate the skin causing breakouts and redness, and their perks remain unproven. 
  4. Silicones
    Many brands are selling silicones as the anti-aging answer. Sure, they leave skin feeling impossibly smooth, but they can actually clog your pores, leading to acne and dehydration over time.
  5. Jade rollers
    The theory behind jade rollers — handheld devices with one or two oval jade stones — is that they boost circulation and reduce swelling, improving the skin’s overall appearance. In reality, any effects likely have more to do with the physical stimulation than with the gem itself.

With new miracle cure promises hitting shelves all the time, it can feel overwhelming to try and distinguish between fraudulent and effective. Are you feeling lost as to which skincare products and procedures you can trust? Visit our clinic to talk through your questions with our expert team.

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