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Body Contouring Options — Without Surgery

No matter how diligent we are with diet and exercise, sometimes our bodies are stubborn. Whether it’s that little extra low…

The Drive-thru Botox Bar is a Huge Problem

There’s a trend popping up right now that’s making my stomach turn. The desire for convenience, a good deal, and…

4 Steps to Restoring Mouth Corners with Dr. Carruthers

There’s a reason that our appearance can change significantly as we get older. Over time, our facial bones start to…

A Recap from ASDS 2018

Our physician team recently returned from one of our favourite events of the year: the ASDS Annual Meeting. It’s a…

Dr. Carruthers on Breaking Beauty Podcast

It isn’t widely known that Botox was discovered by one of our very own. Back in the 1980s Dr. Carruthers…

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