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The Double Chin’s Days are Numbered – Two new treatments available!

Medical innovation has brought two non-surgical treatment options for the double chin, or fullness under the chin, to Carruthers & Humphrey.

The double chin has long been a patient complaint with few solutions available that provide greater definition and a more appealing shape along the jawline and chin. This is thankfully no longer the case.

Belkyra, a first-in-class injectable treatment, uses deoxycholic acid to melt away excess fat under the chin. While it is new to market, Belkyra already has a long-standing relationship with Carruthers & Humphrey and we are one of the first clinics in Canada to offer it. Dr. Humphrey and Dr. Jean Carruthers were both principal investigators on the product’s clinical trials and continue to travel across North America, training fellow physicians on injection technique. In other words – we are Belkyra experts!

The CoolMini is one of the applicators for the CoolSculpting system – a treatment that Carruthers & Humphrey patients have benefitted from for years. This applicator is designed specifically for smaller areas, like under the chin, but also for the anterior “bra bulge” and the knees. As with all CoolSculpting treatments, the CoolMini uses controlled cooling to target and kill unwanted fat cells that have proven themselves immune to diet and exercise.

Following either treatment, the double chin is diminished over the course of the subsequent weeks or months, resulting in gradual and natural-looking outcomes. With fullness under the chin often being the result of genetics or age, and not necessarily just of weight gain, these procedures can be the helping hand needed to achieve the jawline and youthful face shape patients are seeking.

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