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Mens Guide: The Trend Towards Professional Male Skin Care

Men Skincare

The difference between dermatology for men and women is both subtle and significant. For that reason the physicians at Carruthers & Humphrey, alongside doctors Terrance Keaney of SkinDC and Anthony Rossi of Memorial Sloan Kettering, created The Essential Guide to Cosmetic Dermatology for Men.

Over the coming weeks we will review some of the most common frustrations that bring men in to see a dermatologist and discuss how they can be overcome, both in the hands of an expert and at home. Today’s topic is men and skin care.

The Trend Towards Professional Male Skin Care

These days we are seeing a significant industry shift away from the traditional gender dichotomy of professional skin care. More and more men are turning to cosmetic products and treatments as a solution to their own skin conditions and imperfections.

Fundamentally, skin care best practices and cosmetic treatments are the same for men and women — what differs is the patient. Men turn to cosmetic dermatology for a different set of reasons than women: they want to emphasize their masculine features, regain a youthful sense of strength and rid themselves of early signs of aging. Their body composition is different, too.

“Bone, fat and muscle composition differ between men and women, so treatments for a male patient must be tailored to the male aesthetic and anatomy.” ~ Dr. Shannon Humphrey

Doctors and nurses with advanced training in treating men can provide particular value to this demographic as their participation in the cosmetic dermatology grows. According to Dr. Humphrey: “Not every skin care professional has the same expertise in treating a male face.”

Preventative and Corrective Solutions

For men and women both, the approach to advanced cosmetic treatments and evidence-based cosmeceuticals can be both preventative and corrective. Many people don’t give their skin much consideration until they are dealing with the physical signs of aging, such as wrinkles, or sunspots. Some, on the other hand, are more proactive, and consider treatments and products that can benefit them before sun damage and signs of aging set in. The good news is that, regardless of timing, cosmetic dermatology can play an impactful role in changing how you see yourself.

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