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Tips for Radiant Winter Skin from Dr. Katie Beleznay

It’s no great surprise that your skin care routine should be modified alongside the seasons — but winter can be particularly stressful. In addition to harsh weather, there’s the added pressure of the holidays and often an increase in food and alcohol consumption, all of which impact your health and the health of your skin.

While much of our advice rings true throughout the calendar year (yes, always use an SPF — even in January!) there are a few specific things you can include during the winter to keep your skin extra protected.

Ante up your moisturizer.

If your cure for a stubborn winter chill is a hot shower or bubble bath, you definitely aren’t alone. But all that extreme heat can do a number on your already dehydrated skin. Be sure to lock in moisture post-shower by applying a thicker emollient or moisturizer, like Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore for the face and Cerave moisturizing cream for the body.

The same goes for hand washing during cold and flu season: increased hand washing necessitates increased moisturizing to avoid having this exposed surface dry out even faster. And if you’re especially prone to dry, cracked lips, consider using a hydrating balm or ointment like vaseline and keeping a lip treatment like HA5 Lip in your pocket throughout the season.

Tack on laser treatment.

Winter is a great time to get laser or light-based treatments, because it is recommended to minimize sun exposure following treatment. While you make plans to approach 2019 with a refreshed outlook and updated goals, why not add a rejuvenated appearance to the list with IPL or Clear + Brilliant?

Reconsider your drink order.

New Year’s resolutions aside, there are other reasons to consider minimizing your alcohol consumption at this time of year. When your skin (not to mention your overall health) is already working overtime to combat cold, dry weather, limiting your alcohol intake can go a long ways — and the same goes for caffeine. By setting some healthy restrictions on these dehydrating beverages, you can keep your skin healthier and more hydrated all winter long.

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