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Treatment for Double Chins – Health Canada Approves BELKYRA

On July 27, 2015, Health Canada approved BELKYRA (also known as ATX-101 and as KYBELLA in the United States), an injectable drug for submental fullness. You may be more familiar with another name for this common complaint – the double chin. For many male and female patients, a double chin – whether caused by aging, genetics or weight gain – has been a pesky and persistent issue that, until now, could only be eliminated surgically. That’s why this first-in-class treatment is so exciting.

Kybella_Kythera2It is a niche, non-invasive treatment for submental fat that can be done in the office with relatively easy recovery and with visible results in two to four treatments. BELKYRA can result in a newly-defined chin and jaw line that the patient had not seen in many years.

Here at Carruthers & Humphrey we already have a long history with this exciting and ground-breaking new treatment.

  • Dr. Humphrey and Dr. Jean Carruthers were both principal investigators in the clinical trials and have presented the trial data at a number of international meetings.
  • Since KYBELLA’s FDA approval, Dr. Humphrey and Dr. Carruthers have been traveling across the US to share the science behind the product and to train leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons on proper injection techniques. (This photo shows Dr. Humphrey conducting training in Miami at the end of June.)
  • Here is a video of Dr. Humphrey discussing the product (before its approval in the US) on Healio.com

We look forward to being one of the first offices in Canada to offer BELKYRA. If you are interested in talking to

Dr. Humphrey or Dr. Carruthers about whether this is the right treatment for you, please call us at 604-714-0222 to make an appointment for consultation.

Photo source: KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

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