Target and trim down areas that are immune to traditional weight loss with a non-invasive procedure that offers long lasting results you’ll be proud of.

Fat Freezing Technology

Do you have bra bulge, double chin, knee pockets, or other localized trouble areas that you can’t overcome with diet and exercise? Are you shying away from certain types of clothing as a result?

A new CoolSculpting applicator designed specifically for the treatment of small areas, the CoolMini is an effective and non-invasive way to target fullness under the chin (the double chin) as well as the ‘bra bulge’ and localized fat around the knees. The procedure freezes, and ultimately kills, the fat cells in the specific area. Over the following weeks and months, your body disposes of the dead cells, resulting in a visible reduction of fat.

CoolMini’s miniature applicator allows you to focus on small, specific regions that you dislike, finally ridding yourself of pesky stubborn fat.

Treatment In 1 Hour per area

Results In 2 - 4 Months

Results Last Retreatment not expected with proper diet exercise)

Benefits at a glance

  1. Target the Chin and Knees
  2. Painless Weight Loss Procedure
  3. Focus on Small Areas
  1. Fight Stubborn Weight
  2. No Surgery or Downtime
  3. Results in 1-2 Visits

"Booked in for Coolsculping to treat my double chin. Dr was super helpful to explain options. I'll need another treatment but so far very happy with the improvement!"

Happy Patient
RateMD 5 Star Rating

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