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Personalization is key to successful outcomes in cosmetic medicine and the Excel V vascular laser is one of our most customizable treatments. Adjustments to wavelength, spot size and energy output allow us to use the green laser of the Excel V to effectively target blood vessel redness whether its superficial or deep, small in size or large in area, ultimately restoring skin to is naturally clear tone and colour. Consult with our medical team to unlock the potential of Excel V for your complexion.

Find out more about how you can tone, brighten and clear unwanted redness with Excel V.

Treatment In 15 - 30 Minutes

Results In 2 - 3 Treatments

Results Last N/A Based on Condition

Benefits at a glance

  1. Undo unwanted blotchiness and other embarrassing pigment concerns with a simple laser treatment
  2. Thanks to an adjustable wavelength, spot size and energy output, this highly customizable treatment can balance most complexion issues
  3. Uses pulses of light energy that destroy unsightly superficial vessels
  4. Restores skin to its beautiful, natural colouring by overcoming unsightly blood vessel redness, spider veins, sun damage, and other pigmentation inconsistencies
  1. Walk away with an even, toned complexion that makes you feel your best
  2. Attain flawless skin with 2-3 quick treatments that cause little to no pain
  3. Can be used to target noticeable veins in all areas—including around the eyes—on all skin tones, for both men and women

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