Botox for Excessive Sweating

Alleviate excessive sweating with a treatment that doubles as a solution to wrinkles and fine lines.


Do you suffer from excessive sweating? Have you tried topical solutions without any success?

The popular perception of Botox and other neuromodulators is that they are cosmetic treatments, however their roots actually lie in a medical purpose. They were originally used to treat an eye condition called Strabismus. Today they continue to offer solutions for patients suffering from a number of medical conditions including excessive sweating.

For more than 7 years, neuromodulators (Botox) have offered patients a simple, effective and very safe way to treat the symptoms of excessive sweating for 6 months at a time or more. This is among our doctors’ favorite procedures to perform, due to its high satisfaction rate amongst patients and profound impact on their quality of life.

Treatment In 10 - 30 Minutes

Results In 7 - 10 Days

Results Last 6 Months (Average)

Benefits at a glance

  1. Fight Hyperhidrosis
  2. Regain Confidence
  3. Results With a Single Treatment
  1. Overcome Migraines
  2. Alleviate Chronic Pain
  3. Avoid Invasive Surgeries

"I've lived with excessive sweating for years. My doctor referred me to Dr. Humphrey for a Botox treatment. Something I didn't realize could treat my condition. It worked well and was fairly painless."

Happy Patient
RateMD 5 Star Rating

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