Photodynamic Therapy

In-clinic treatment targets and kills pre-cancerous skin cells

Stop pre-cancerous cells in their tracks

We are pleased to offer this specialized treatment for patients who have been diagnosed with actinic keratoses, or a pre-cancerous lesion, and whose physician has recommended photodynamic therapy. Levulan, a topical solution, is applied and then followed by the Blu-U or IPL. The combination treatment photosensitizes the cells, allowing the light to preferentially target and destroy the pre-cancerous cells.

Treatment In 1 Hour

Results In 2 Weeks

Results Last 6 - 12 Months

Benefits at a glance

  1. Whether you are embarrassed by visible lesions, or concerned about their pre-cancerous potential, photodynamic therapy can help
  2. Combines the application of a topical treatment (Levulan) and the use of intense light pulses, to destroy actinic keratosis and pre-cancerous blemishes
  3. Levulan photosensitizes cells, enabling Blu-U or IPL to target specific area
  1. The light energy destroys dangerous cells, without requiring surgery or extensive treatment times
  2. A safe, permanent solution for specific areas of concern and a proactive, preventative treatment against cancer

Take control of your appearance and your confidence.

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